Orline Medical

The company specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of medical gas networks. With its various systems and country of origin, according to the size of the network and the needs of the hospital or medical center. All of the company’s implementations come within the framework of maintaining quality, guaranteeing the product and committing to […]

MPC Healthcare

We are Modern Pharmaceutical Company LLC, better established as MPC. We are the leading distributor and healthcare service provider within the pharma and healthcare industry in the UAE. With a successful track record and over 40 years market presence, we offer a comprehensive portfolio serving more than 2500 pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, institutions, retailers and […]

Automat Electronic Services

Automat Electronic Services is the market leader in the Middle East in the Field of Industrial Automation Repairs and Services, operating the largest network of Industrial Repair and Distribution facilities in 3 Countries, The United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Sultanate of Oman. With a collective workforce of over 50 Professional […]