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Evyap, by now, is one of the leading soap and personal care products manufacturers of the world. Evyap, which carries out the 70 % of the total soap exportation of Turkey, is among the top 100 Turkish industrial companies. Evyap, aside from its facilities in Turkey, commenced its operations on soap manufacturing in Egypt, in 2002.

Evyap has a wide product range in the following categories with its major brands such as; Duru, Arko, Evy Baby, Evy Lady, Gibbs, Fax and Sanino.

Evyap, which is the market leader in Turkey with its brands Duru and Arko in the products ranges of soap, shaving products (shaving soap, shaving cream, shaving foam and after – shave cologne) and skin care products, holds the position of the most popular toothpaste brand with Sanino toothpastes. Our soaps are the market leaders in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Kazakhstan.
Evyap has adopted offering its good quality soap and personal care products, which are produced with the state of the art technologies, for reasonable prices as a principle.

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Evyap Egypt

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