A statistic on the extent to which institutions and employers affiliated with the private sector interact with the set of incentives and decisions taken by the state government to encourage enterprises to raise the competitive efficiency of national cadres and enable them to occupy jobs in the private sector in the country during the next five years, showed that the number of companies registered with the government employment platform «Competition». » As partners, it has reached 1,010 employers offering thousands of jobs and training opportunities for national cadres, during the last nine months, since the launch of the National Program for the Employment and Qualification of Emirati Cadres “Nafes” in mid-September last year, until the last third of this month.

The Nafes platform operates under the umbrella of the Emirati Competitiveness Council, which is one of the “50 projects” programs and initiatives aimed at achieving a qualitative leap in the development path in the UAE and developing the national economy system, by supporting the private sector by employing 75,000 citizens over the five years. In the coming years, an average of 15,000 jobs for citizens per year.

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