Design and Supervision

Design and Supervision

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Alu Adams was founded as a pure 100% Egyptian Company for aluminum facade solutions ( Fabrication, Installation, and technical support ),This Company offers a wide variety of Aluminum systems including...

Evyap Egypt

Evyap, by now, is one of the leading soap and personal care products manufacturers of the world. Evyap, which carries out the 70 % of the total soap exportation of...

Master for Scaffolding & Supplies

Masterscaff is one of the leading companies in the field of scaffolding & formwork such as bridge, walls, tunnels, Steel fabrication and buildings. Masterscaff was established since 1998 and focus...

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السيسي يؤكد موقف مصر الثابت بشأن القضايا العربية

استقبل الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي اليوم أعضاء الأمانة العامة الجديدة لاتحاد الصحفيين العرب، وذلك برئاسة مؤيد اللامي رئيس الاتحاد ونقيب الصحفيين العراقيين، وبحضور كرم جبر رئيس المجلس الأعلى لتنظيم الإعلام،...

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